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Today is old school SKANK EDITION! This is my fave video in a while! All the topics I love to cover! I hope you enjoy!
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I am so glad I had this video planned with the Kim K story- worked out PERFECT for a Lisa Nova Character Collab Clip!

GET YOUR OWN Lisa Nova Character Collab Clip! Everyone’s doing it!

Comment questions:
1. Is Paris so over? Can she reinvent?
2. Do you hate Kim K too? Am I mean? What do you think of her doing a PSA for something so serious in parody form?
3. BONUS Does Miley have a sex tape or is my source a big liar! LOL LOL Do you LOVE THAT EMAIL!

Get there early! Idol recap! Advice! Monologue from my fave movie CLUE! Q & A and more singing and dancing! YAY!

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