Amy Schumer Joke Stealing Compilation: All Examples ( as of April 2017)

I have 4 separate videos, so I thought I would combine them all for the sake of convenience.

Here are the 4 others.

Featuring Amy “parallel thinking jokes” from Daniel Tosh, Patrice O’Neal, Louis CK, Dave Chappelle, Dave Attell, Ellen DeGeneres, John Mulaney, and many more.

Amy Schumer's "Parallel Thinking" Compilation (John Mulaney, Patrice O'Neal, Jenny Slate and more)

Watch part 2 here:

Compilation of the jokes Amy Schumer has been accused of stealing.
Featuring material from John Mulaney, Patrice O'Neal, Jenny Slate, and more.
It is also worth noting that Amy opened for Tammy and the others.